Putting security first - counter terrorism training

CTB analyses the current offering of counter terror training in the UK, and how it can be provided to a wider audience

Is your organisation prepared for the worst?

Reacting to a terrorist threat is something that organisations prefer not to think about. Bob Wade of the Emergency Planning Society discusses why emergency planning can save more than just lives.

University professor and author Hamed El-Said shares his thoughts on why traditional approaches to fighting terrorism are not working, arguing that countering radicalisation in the first place is a better approach to the problem

Former CIA intelligence analyst Mat Burrows looks at global terrorism trends in his new book The Future Declassified. Here he examines the wider issues shaping unrest in the Middle East

Security consultant Paul Easter MBE outlines the difficulties Western powers have faced in attempting to build democratic nations in the Middle East, and calls for strategic thinking

Intelligence analyst Craig Shrive explores how focused thinking can help counter terror professionals anticipate and thwart terrorist attacks, ranging from insurgent groups to lone cells

Michael S. Toney profiles Abdelmalek Droukdel, emir of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), and examines his rise to power and his increased aggression against foreign interests

Mike Sixsmith examines the contentious issue of government surveillance in the fight against terror

Although many political and ownership hurdles remain, the great merger between two giants of defence technology is on the cards.

Phil Chesworth from NaCTSO says that the partnership of businesses, Government and the police will continue to be the best approach to reducing threats of a terrorist attack on UK's crowded places.

John Marshall, director of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association outlines the security challenges facing the UK and highlights best practice to protect buildings against attack

Kees van Haperen, CEO of the UK National Defence Association and managing director of Koios Group, reflects on how the UK government safeguards its populace from adverse events

Effective information sharing between law enforcement agencies and police forces plays a key role in enhancing the efficiency of criminal investigations, but often technical barriers get in the way, writes Joanne Taylor, director of public security at SAS

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary is a specialist armed police service dedicated to the UK civil nuclear industry.

Former Assistant Commissioner John Yates, the National lead for Counter Terrorist Policing for England & Wales, discusses the threat of international terrorism and how to respond to this


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