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Is everyone a suspect?

Professor Mike Jackson, IT and cyber security expert at Birmingham City University’s Business School, examines the proposed ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’

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Fighting crime in the ‘fifth domain’

Paul Stokes reviews the impact of the Counter Terror Bill revealed in the Queen’s speech and explains how data analytics can tackle the online recruitment of foreign fighters

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A mechanism for monitoring global terror

New research assesses 1,300 of the world’s commercial hubs and urban centres and reveals that terrorist attacks pose an ‘extreme risk’ to businesses in the capital cities of 12 countries.

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Collaboration key to ensuring safer cities

Geoff Zeidler, immediate past chair of the British Security Industry Association, who leads the Police and Security (PaS) Initiative, discusses the topic of ‘Safe Cities’

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Time to establish a dialogue with the public?

The security profession needs the understanding and support from the public to be effective at what it does, writes the Security Institute’s David Thorp

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Anixter Partners with Multinational Tech Consultant to help secure a large city

In light of security challenges around the globe, cities are under increased pressure to provide a safe environment for their businesses and residents.

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Sedicii Innovations Ltd

The Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) authentication protocol is used in cryptography to allow a party to prove that he/she knows something (e.g. a credential), without having to transmit this credential.

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Radar technology meets operational needs

The security threats that governments and other organisations face, across the world, are evolving all the time – both in terms of targets and tactics. Whether controlling borders, protecting CNI perimeters or undertaking mobile surveillance, one thing is certain. To meet the threats, you need to maintain the very best situational awareness.

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Built to Order Rugged Tablets and Customised Touch Screen Devices

Although tablet computers began transforming the way we use computers some years ago never has there been more growth in the use of touch screen devices than today. Tablets are continuing to offer a new tool that can enhance existing processes as well as inspire new opportunities possible with the technology.

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Alerts through Innovation

Whether it’s protecting vital utilities such as water networks or providing high-tech but easy to use security for large shopping centres, Alert Innovation is a recognised industry leader in UK counter-terrorism security systems.

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2nd annual Commercial UAV Show

20-21 October 2015
ExCel, London
The world’s largest gathering of the commercial and civilian UAV community. The Commercial UAV Show premium conference brings end users from a range of industries together in one room to evaluate how UAVs can deliver cost and operational efficiencies.

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Cyber Security EXPO

7-8 October 2015
ExCel London
The challenge of securing corporate data and networks to mitigate risk is greater than ever. CISOs need new tools, new thinking and policies to meet these challenges.

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The Emergency Services Show

23-24 September 2015
NEC Birmingham
With something new around every corner, The Emergency Services Show provides a unique opportunity for emergency responders to learn, network and progress their careers.

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Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI)

15-18 September 2015
ExCeL, London
The world’s largest land, sea and air defence and security exhibition, bringing together international trade professionals and military experts The event, which takes place at ExCeL London from 15-18 September 2015, will feature a record 1,500 exhibitors providing a global showcase of innovation.

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