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Birmingham couple jailed for terrorist attack plot

A married couple from Birmingham who plotted and practised carrying out Islamic State-inspired knife attacks in their home have been jailed.

New York subway suspect charged with terrorism

Akayed Ullah has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, a support act of terrorism and making a terrorist threat.

Explosion at Manhattan bus terminal, New York

A man is being held after an attempted terror attack at America’s largest bus terminal, Port Authority, officials say.

British member of IS jailed for 10 years

A Libyan-British national with close links to the Manchester Arena bomber has been jailed for 10 years for being a member of the Islamic State.

Anti-radicalisation scheme to be rolled out in schools

The University of Kent has designed an online programme aimed at preventing young people being radicalised is to be rolled out across the country.

Police now using stop and search powers

Three police forces in England have used a new law for the first time to stop and search terrorism suspects, the Home Office has revealed.

Four people arrested for links with terrorism bailed

Four people who were arrested as part of an investigation into terrorist fundraising by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command have now been released.

UK terrorism arrests hit 54 per cent increase

The number of people arrested over terrorism-related offences in Britain has risen by 54 per cent to 400.

ISC will not assess MI5 and police’s role in UK attacks

MI5 and the police are to escape further scrutiny by the Parliamentary ISC for their failure to prevent four terror attacks this year.

No British IS fighters should be allowed back in UK

British citizens who have fought for ISIS should not be allowed back into the country, says Defence Secretary.


Data sharing key in response to terrorism

Weynand Haitjema explores the importance of planning emergency responses and the role of information sharing in mitigating the terrorist threat

Protective security key to future events planning

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi has called for the commercial sector to work with police and partners to help keep the public safe

Protecting the public this Christmas

Iain Moran looks at the importance of keeping the public safe during the festive period amidst times of heightened security

Developing a new Prevent strategy

The University of Manchester's Bob Hindle explains why a new Prevent strategy is needed, and how that might develop

Most successful DSEI to date

DSEI 2017 attracted record numbers of high-profile stakeholders affiliated with the defence and security sectors

The question of search at football grounds

NASDU looks at pyrotechnic detection dogs at football stadiums and the reasons why detection dog use has increased significantly over the past decade

Interoperability between defence and security

ISDEF 2017 took place on 6-8 June and successfully solidified the show’s reputation as the largest defence and security event in Israel

Teaching terrorism - a change in approach

Chris Taylor discusses ACT for Youth, the latest counter terrorism safety campaign for young people

Evolution of terrorists’ use of the Internet

Amy-Louise Watkin & Joe Whittaker examine how terrorists use social media to reach audiences less familiar with the deep, dark web

Countering weaponised drones

Dr James Rogers examines some of the novel ways in which emerging weaponised drone threats are being countered

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