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Charting the rise in global terrorism

The number of lives lost to terrorist attacks increased by 61 per cent in a single year, according to the second edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI).

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Fighting crime in the digital age

Three years after the National Cyber Security Strategy was launched, the government has published a report on its progress and its future plans to thwart cyber crime

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Making the case for drones

Can drone technology, under proper legal regulation, deliver significant benefits for the UK’s national security policy and economy?

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Protecting people and property

Richard Flint of BRE Global discusses the benefits of product certification to both manufacturers and users, focusing on the security protection standard LPS 1175

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DDoS attacks: criminals get stealthier

Mark Teolis, General Manager for DOSarrest explains how DDoS attacks, and the criminal mindsets behind them, are evolving and how to prepare

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Lack of Traffic visibility leaves IT networks vulnerable to attack

Organisations are under threat from politically and financially motivated cyber criminals.

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Powerful network storage and surveillance you can trust

As a world leader in the field of networked storage and digital surveillance, QNAP is entrusted by organisations and businesses around the world to provide secure, powerful and high-functioning Network-attached Storage (NAS) and Network Video Recorders (NVR).

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Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd – Specialist Manufacturer of Custom Cable Assemblies

UK based Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd (HCAL) specializes in the design, supply and distribution of cable assemblies, harnesses, looms, box builds and waterproof connectors.

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Improving the quality of forensic evidence

At the cutting edge of forensic technology for more than 30 years, Foster + Freeman has become one of the foremost document examination, and forensic science equipment suppliers in the world exporting market leading, and in many cases unique, products to more than 150 countries.

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The Impact of the Internet of Things on Critical Infrastructure Protection

Massive retail and financial breaches have become an almost-weekly occurrence, driven by the potential financial gains for hackers who profit handsomely from the theft of account information.

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Counter Terror Training with ISSEE

Terrorism, from whatever religious, political or ideological goal, is designed to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the population.

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Man and Machine CAD Training Academy

Our goal is to help you optimise your design process. Whether you are in the manufacturing, engineering, architecture, plant or construction industries, we have the experience to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve, and we have the expertise to enable you to do it better

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Cyber should be defined as the exploitation or protection of digital data

Cyber is an important component, but only a component, of Information Assurance (IA). IA is closely allied to more traditional business risk strategies and their governance.

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Advanced Machining Products

Here at Advanced Machining Products (AMP) we are heavily involved in the cutting technology of complex materials.

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Forensics Europe Expo 2015

21-22 April 2015
Olympia, London
Visitors will be drawn from all aspects of forensics activity from across Europe

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Counter Terror Expo

21-22 April 2015
Olympia, London

Counter Terror Expo 2015 is the must attend event to mitigate threats, protect against terrorist attacks and understand current modern day risks in a secure environment.

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