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Police foil active terror plot

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed they have foiled an active terror plot after a woman was shot during a raid on a house in Willesden, north-west London.

A man has been arrested after an incident in Whitehall, central London, close to Parliament.

19-year-old Haroon Syed has admitted planning a bomb attack in London, and will be sentenced in June after a probation and psychiatric report.

Johnson: Saying no to Syria strike action ‘difficult’

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said that it would be very difficult to refuse support for the US in any potential military strike on Syria.

British jihadi killed in drone attack a ‘serious threat’, report concludes

A report published by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament has concluded that Reyaad Khan, a British member of so-called Islamic State killed in an RAF drone strike in Syria, posed a ‘very serious threat to the UK.

Extremist prisoners to be separated from mainstream prisons

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced the creation of three separation centres, which will form part of the wider government strategy to tackle extremism in prisons.

Paris police attacked in terror shooting

A police officer has been killed in Champs-Elysées, after a man opened fire on a police bus during the evening of Thursday 21 April.

Police training to shoot through vehicle windscreens

Police are to be trained to shoot through the windscreens of moving vehicles that pose a terrorist or security threat.

Dick sets sights on tasers and cyber crime

Newly appointed commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick has outlined her vision for the force, including plans for more officers to c

Soar in gun and knife crime in London

Latest figures from the Metropolitan Police have revealed a rise of 42 per cent in gun crime and 24 per cent in knife crime in London.


CTB Interview: DCS Scott Wilson

Ahead of the Security & Counter Terror Expo, DCS Scott Wilson answers questions on the international expansion of Protect and Prepare

Putting terrorist threats into context

Richard English questions whether terrorism is working and looks at what terrorism does and does not tend to achieve

The unpredictability of the long anticipated attack

Having long held a ‘severe’ terrorist threat level, how prepared was London for the recent Westminster terrorist attack?

Engaging with the public to prevent terrorism

The NPCC explains how officers are urging the public to stay alert and help prevent attacks like those seen in Westminster

Terrorism trends explored at IFSEC

In light of recent events, IFSEC International investigates five alarming terror trends and what they mean for counter terror strategies

A new approach for cyber security in the UK

As the threat of terrorism becomes far more than just a physical danger, cyber security increases in importance within the UK

Preventing terrorism and protecting the world’s civilians

Leading security figures will discuss changing terrorist threats at the World Counter Terror Congress in May

Tackling terrorism in the drone zone

With the potential for criminals and terrorists to exploit technology advances, CTB analyses the potential use and misuse of UAVs

Securing UK borders from terrorist threats

Counter Terror Business looks at how border security will help ease the migration flow to the UK and keep terrorism at bay

The significance of counter terrorist security at major events

Counter Terror Business looks at the importance of contingency planning at large events

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