Topsec Cloud Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based fully managed email security solutions.

N2S is a professional services company specialising in optimising supply chain economics for businesses in the finance, telco, media and government sectors.

As UK police forces and public sector bodies are under pressure to move away from the use of unregulated social media apps like WhatsApp, one company is delivering the vision of a secure communications platform. is the only UK-based job board to specialise in advertising roles that require a level of Security Clearance to either DV, SC, CTC or NATO level.

A leader in cyber security monitoring and anomaly detection, Huntsman Security software is deployed across high security and classified environments around the world.

STANDFIRST: We review the safety of prison staff in the face of an increase in assaults, manning pressure and the radicalisation of inmates.

Current and advancing 3D scanning and printing technology allow individuals to copy high security keys quickly, inexpensively and without trace.

With the face of security changing and the threat of terrorism from fanatical organisations directed at soft targets in the United Kingdom is your company safe?

Jason wakefield, director at todd research shares his insight and explains the risks your mailroom faces every day.


Some would argue that digital privacy is fast becoming the next frontier in human rights. Indeed there are those who would say we have already missed the boat in this regard.

PGI’s Cyber Academy, opened in 2014, drawing on our organisation’s considerable experience to retrain individuals to become effective cyber security professionals.

With the heightened threat of terrorist attack at many public buildings and other properties, JLC Group Limited has turned its considerable automation expertise and experience to the development of bespoke new security entry systems.

Tracking and monitoring equipment and perishable goods in the global military supply chain falls under the remit of military logistic departments and authorities.

Niagara Networks converts your standard visibility layer into an enhanced Visibility Adaptation Layer that seamlessly administers security solutions, performance management, monitoring and other data network services.

Airborne Industries design and manufacture Technical Military Inflatables including Tethered Aerostats for surveillance, communication and defence; Parachute Training Balloons and Targets and Decoys for Military Training uses.


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Black Watch Tactical

Being a trusted advisor to the Security Industry you have to that one to one commitment with your client and visualize what they require in the way of service and when the time is right act.