Syria hit with weapons of chemical warfare

72 people have been reported dead in northern Syria after being exposed to sarin gas, a toxic chemicals that survivors said was dropped from warplanes.

According to reports, at least another 100 people were being treated in hospitals in Idlib province where the strike took place at dawn on Tuesday. Several dozen others have been transferred to Turkey, with some in critical condition.

The US, Britain and EU have blamed the Syrian government for the carnage, hours before the start of a donor conference on Syria in Brussels.

The Syrian military has ’categorically denied’ responsibility, while Russia, which back the Syrian regime, has claimed its planes were not operating near Idlib.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, commented: “All the evidence I have — and there may be more to come out of this — all the evidence I’ve seen suggests that this was the Assad regime who did it in the full knowledge that they were using illegal weapons in a barbaric attack on their own people.

“I would like to see those culpable pay a price for this.”

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