Since 2001, SecuLution works according to the “Whitelisting” principle, and thus effectively and reliably protects Windows based business networks against malicious software. The company started in Germany and is today one of the leading providers of Whitelisting Security Software worldwide.

What is the difference between an Application Whitelisting software and Anti-virus software?

A Virus-scanner defines what should be prohibited (Blacklist) and only blocks known malicious software. Thus, every unkown application is allowed.

SecuLution does exactly the opposite: What is necessary for work is defined (Whitelist). Anything else that is not explicitly classified as “allowed”, will not be executed. This means that malware software is – by default – classified as “unknown” and as a result cannot be executed.
Code that cannot be executed cannot cause any damage.

SecuLution is therefore more than just an Anti-virus product. It is a modern Endpoint Security solution and finely structured rights management that does a lot more than just protect the computer from malware.


  • Application Whitelisting
  • Device Whitelisting (USB)
  • Device Encryption (USB mass storage device encryption, Data Leakage Protection DLP)
  • Integrated Agent software distribution
  • Cloud based Whitelist auditing service

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