Optimise Asset Protection

Trained by the Centre of Protection for National Infrastructure, Optimise Asset Protection are specialists in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) design strategies and Counter-Terrorist measures. We have developed a unique Vehicle Dynamics Assessment (VDA) process intended to optimise HVM measures and safety in any environment.

Europe has been subjected to a series of devastating vehicle borne attacks motivated by criminals and terrorists. With such an escalating threat, our vital threat assessment and mitigation analysis enables the development of a security design which is both appropriate and ensures value for money. We provide our clients with a design that is not over or under engineered, and is appropriate for the threat and environment.

Every assessment is site specific, determines maximum speeds and attack profiles using known vehicle capabilities. Combined with a Critical Asset Assessment, we put the right mitigation measures in the right places and work with our clients to spend every pound wisely.

We value our independence and advise our clients objectively. We only recommend what is best for our clients both technically and commercially. Our highly-experienced specialists support our clients through every step of the process whilst future proofing their environment.

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Black Watch Tactical

Being a trusted advisor to the Security Industry you have to that one to one commitment with your client and visualize what they require in the way of service and when the time is right act.

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