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FalTech GPS specialises in GPS repeater technology, providing indoor coverage solutions that allow GPS-enabled devices to be used, tested and repaired inside any building or space where signal is normally not available.

GPS Repeater Systems

Lack of GPS satellite signal inside a building is an irritation for some, but a matter of urgency for others.

Users include fire stations, police stations, military and civilian aircraft hangars and workshops.

If a GPS signal is needed indoors, a GPS repeater system relays signals to any indoor location that isn't normally reachable.

Repeater systems are provided in kit form; each kit comes with all parts required for a successful installation. For larger or more complex situations, FalTech offers a custom-design service and installation via a partner company if required.

Iridium Repeater Systems

The Iridium satellite system provides a global voice and data communications service via the world’s largest commercial satellite constellation.

A repeater system allows satphones and other communication devices to access the Iridium service when indoors (or even underground).

The distance from outdoor antennas to the indoor space where signal is required can be up to 3km by use of optical fibre technology.

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