The Change in Security

Asqella, a Finland-based company, has developed ARGON, a one-of-a-kind passive submillimetre-wave camera device for concealed threat detection. ARGON is truly a unique method of security screening: it has a higher throughput than other people screening devices, is completely passive and therefore safe for everyone, and can detect virtually any type of material hidden under clothing.

ARGON utilizes the submillimetre-wave, also called terahertz, region of the electromagnetic spectrum by receiving these waves from the human body. ARGON itself does not emit any radiation, and can reliably detect metals, plastics, drugs, currency, and liquids. Due to ARGON’s incredible sensitivity and the industry’s widest field of view of 2 meters, it can provide real time video feed at 8 fps and enable screening on several moving subjects simultaneously.

ARGON is intended for applications where a high throughput, non-intrusive security solution is required, and where the focus is on larger threats, such as suicide vests or large guns. Ideal venues for deployment are sports arenas, mass transit hubs, corporate offices and tourist attractions as well as government facilities. ARGON’s passive operation mode makes it an excellent solution for loss prevention applications. Please get in touch to learn more about ARGON!

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