Summer events staff to receive CT training

As the UK enters summer festival season, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office will once again train events staff in how to react in the event of a terrorist incident. Launched for the first time last year in response to the terror attacks in London and Manchester, ‘Summer Security’ has already delivered advice, best practice and training to thousands of festival workers, staff and security guards across the UK. The programme sees Counter Terrorism Policing working in partnership with organisers at major entertainment and sporting venues up and down the country to ensure that thousands more staff will be able to minimise the chance of attacks and mitigate the impact they can have. Security leaders have been quick to advise that the programme is not in response to any intelligence, but part of a move to familiarise staff with collective security. Chief Superintendent Nick Aldworth, the new National Coordinator for Protect and Prepare Policing, said: “Summer Security is all about making sure people can enjoy themselves safe in the knowledge that the staff around them are trained to know what to do should the worst happen. Sadly we have seen that these big public events and crowded spaces can be targeted by those who want to cause harm, but I want to reassure the public that the police, partners and the event organisers are doing all we can to keep them safe and secure.”


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