Salah Abdeslam remains silent two years on

Two years on from the Paris terror attacks, the only surviving suspect is still refusing to talk to investigators about his key role in the bombings and shootings that left 130 dead.

28-year-old Salah Abdeslam played a major role in organising logistics for the terrorists, but his exact role remains a mystery, police have revealed. It is known that he rented cars and apartments for the jihadists and helping several of them reach Europe.

Abdeslam dumped his explosive suicide belt in a rubbish bin before fleeing the French capital after the attacks, but police say they do not know if he changed his mind about blowing himself up, or whether the device was defective.

He has remained silent since he was arrested in Belgium in March last year. He is being held under 24-hour surveillance in solitary confinement in Europe’s biggest prison at Fleury-Mérogis, south of Paris.

Abdeslem went on the run following the Paris attack. He was driven to Brussels by two other men; their car was stopped by the police but allowed to continue. A manhunt went on for four months until his arrest.

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