Eiffel Tower to get bulletproof glass protection

Parisian authorities have revealed the Eiffel Tower will soon be protected by bulletproof glass walls 2.5 metres high as part of a plan to prevent attacks at the world-famous monument.

France remains on high security alert following the recent large scale terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice, but has seen security boosted around French tourist sites, transport hubs and places of worship.

Following an attempted terrorist attack on troops patrolling outside the Louvre museum in the French capital at the start of February, deputy mayor Jean-Francois Martins has said that Paris’ most vulnerable sites ‘must be the object of special security measures’.

Starting with the Eiffel Tower, which records over six million visitors a year, French authorities will spend £20 million on erecting bulletproof glass walls at the northern and southern ends of the landmark, while the western and eastern sides will see ornate fencing put in place, replacing the ‘inelegant temporary’ barriers that were used during Euro 2016.

The glass walls are to prevent individuals or vehicles storming the site, but have been met with mild opposition from councillors who claim that the planned ‘fortress’ could turn away tourists.

However, with architects designing the walls so they blend in with the river and the Champ de Mars, Martins said visitors would continue to have access to the foot of the tower free of charge, following routine security checks.

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