CT police receive £4m for Parsons Green attack

Minister for Policing Nick Hurd has announced that counter terrorism police will receive an additional £4 million this year to cover the costs arising from the Parsons Green attack.

This is in addition to the £24 million already announced for the forces across the country that responded to the other attacks in London and Manchester in 2017. The government also announced in December a £50 million increase to counter terrorism policing budget for next year, bringing the budget to £757 million.

Hurd said: “The tragedy of 5 terrorist attacks in 2017 has sadly reinforced the threat we face from terrorism so it is right that we are increasing funding for counter-terrorism policing both this year and next. In September we announced £24 million of new money this year going to forces across the country to meet the costs relating to the tragic terror attacks. I am also pleased to confirm that the government has agreed to provide a further £4 million this year to meet the costs arising from the attack at Parsons Green.”

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