Australia terror suspect planted bomb on brother

The terror suspect who tried to bring down a plane planted the bomb on his unsuspecting brother, Australian police have revealed.

The plan was one of two terror plots uncovered by authorities in Sydney.

The plan was for the brother of one of the suspects to take the luggage with him onboard an Etihad Airways plane leaving Sydney airport on 15 July. The brother was not aware of the bomb, the police have said.

But the plan was aborted at the last minute, and although the piece of luggage was taken to the airport, it was not checked in. The brother then boarded the flight without the luggage.

Police say the suspects had assembled the bomb using parts from a package sent from Turkey, which was arranged by a senior IS figure.

The other plot, which the suspects started on after the bomb plot failed, involved building and setting off a device that could release toxic gas in a public enclose space.

It involved creating an improvised chemical device designed to release hydrogen sulphide.

Police said the plans had been ‘completely disrupted’, with Australian Federal Police (AFP) deputy commissioner Michael Phelan saying it was ‘one of the most sophisticated plots that has ever been attempted on Australian soil.”

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