Safeguarding the public this festive season

With Christmas markets just around the corner, Iain Moran explains why visitor safety is at the forefront of organisers’ minds

Picture credit: Hardstaff Barriers

Paul Jeffrey, chairman of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association, looks at the importance of accreditation for entry point control

Have I got a problem at my location?

Simon Towers examines the threat of vehicles as a weapon for terrorism, and how perimeter security products can aid against the threat

Increasing security against vehicle attacks

Iain Moran looks at the importance of ensuring the perimeter of the venue or location is secure and protected against targeted vehicle attacks

How hard is hard enough when securing perimeters?

On behalf of The Security Institute, Steve Green examines the current threats posed to physical security, including levels of access to buildings

Steve Munden and Steve Taylor, of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association, argue for an holistic approach to organisational resilience at both strategic and operational levels.

Perimeter security - Why PAS 68 is not enough

What does PAS 68 actually mean, and what does it say about the procurement of security solutions? The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association’s Stephen Munden answers these questions

Criminals are not afraid of using extreme force or explosives when entering a building or site, which is why the security products that protect such perimeters must meet strict standards – and be installed correctly, urges Stephen Munden

The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association’s (PSSA) Stephen Munden comments on the emergence of IWA 14, a new international standard for impact testing vehicle security barriers, and the role it will play in safeguarding people and places from hostile vehicle intrusions

The UK’s recent security export strategy highlighted both the strengths and weaknesses of the UK’s security export industry. Stephen Mundy of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) examines how this is likely to impact the provision of perimeter security in the coming months

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA examines the critical nature of the UK’s ports and inland waters and how they should be protected

A highly secured perimeter is the first line of defence against intruders. Whilst there is an abundance of products on the market, how can you be sure these products are fit for the job? Counter Terror Business magazine talks to Stephen Munden, manager of the PSSA’s Verification Scheme, about how the scheme is giving peace of mind to those buying perimeter products

Product verification is an essential component in any organisation’s risk and security management approach, but there are many complex elements to consider. Stephen Munden, manager of the PSSA’s Verification Scheme, outlines current industry concerns around security management, and reviews how the PSSA Verification Scheme is developing to address them

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products have been subjected to a lot of testing and development in recent years, and as such, a number of standards are in place. While this goes a long way to offer peace of mind, there are still many other things to consider when buying HVM products, as Wilma Tulloch finds out

Following the annoucement from the TSA in America to remove backscatter x-ray scanners from airports, Chris Yates asks if there is a better way for passengers to get through security check points