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The SMC Group, located on the South Coast of England has been established since 1958. Specialising in manufacturing telescopic masts and providing communication solutions worldwide for the military, emergency services, broadcast and commercial industries, our approach is to combine our depth of knowledge and expertise with advanced design and manufacturing technologies to provide high quality, reliable product solutions on time. Our values for high quality can be evidenced in our BS EN ISO9001 accreditation.
Recognised globally as a specialist communications company, our products have been used in a variety of challenging environments, from the ice of Svalbard to the deserts of the Middle East.

SMC Group has subsidiary companies located in the United States and France. Hilomast LLC based in the United States, manufacturers SMC products to deliver and support our customers locally in the USA and surrounding countries. SMC Solutions LLC also located in the United States, provides custom broadcast and communications vehicles. Astel Communications Sarl based in France specialise in importing and distributing antennas, masts and accessories for radio communication systems, both military and civilian. They are recognised as one of the most comprehensive and professional suppliers of these products in the French market and in French speaking countries.
The SMC Group also has representatives and distributors around the world to enable local customer support.

Specific projects range from simple one off communication solutions to large scale new product innovation. Projects have included designing and manufacturing 500 bespoke masts for the Spanish Army, working with a large prime contractor to develop and supply over 1,000 completely new MIL-STD Positioners for the French Army, and supplying over 45,000 radios and repeater systems to the United States armed forces based in Afghanistan.

Sectional, Fixed & Telescopic Masts
We design and manufacture high quality and durable sectional, fixed & telescopic masts with heights up to 60 metres. These include aluminium telescopic pneumatic masts, winch operated masts, push up masts, towers, sectional masts, trailer mounted masts and bespoke masts built to customer specification.
Our fixed and telescopic masts, which include the well known Hilomast telescopic mast range, undergo stringent tests, including MIL-810 testing, and are renowned to be robust and reliable even in the harshest environments, requiring very little maintenance.

We design and manufacture highly efficient and reliable HF Antennas, MF Antennas and VHF Antennas, all of which are designed and manufactured in the UK and are renowned to be high in quality and performance and responsive in the most challenging environments.

Radio Engineering
SMC Group specialises in designing and supplying bespoke radio systems, from small area-wide to large world-wide solutions, in HF, VHF and UHF. We also design and manufacture our own radio equipment, including transportable repeaters, Mobile Radio UPS transceivers and the SMC gateway, having a fully equipped radio service and production facility.

SMC Gateway
The award winning SMC Gateway is a versatile appliance that enables you to increase the functionality of your radio system and other communication devices. It connects digital radio networks and other communication devices to many other systems including alarms such as fire alarm, intruder, nurse call, telephones for phone calls and text messaging, GPS tracking, Voltage Monitoring, Email and the internet, including websites and Twitter.

HF Matching Transformers & Couplers
SMC Group design and manufacture the CTS brand of Hybrid Combiners, Splitters, Filters, HF Broadband Ferrite Matching Transformers & Multicouplers. These products are simply unmatchable in quality and performance and are invaluable to many antenna systems.

SMC Group design and build completely bespoke trailer masts in our UK manufacturing site. With an increased demand for Cell on Wheels trailer mast systems, with extended heights up to 30m, we have a range of suitable trailer masts, with conventional designs for single operators. All of our trailer masts are designed in line with the latest UK regulations.

SMC Group designs and manufacturers bespoke pan and tilt positioners for both military and commercial applications. These include our MIL-810 standard pan and tilt positioned, designed for the French military and resilient to extreme weather conditions, and our Mobile pan and tilt positioner, designed for smaller head-loads and commercial usage. Both have remote control functionality. We can also design and manufacture completely bespoke positioners to fulfil your head load and positioning requirements.

Warning Devices
SMC has two different safety products which complement our mast products, our high voltage proximity alarm, SIGALARM, and a Magnetic Safety Switch. SIGALARM is a high voltage proximity warning device designed to alert operators of masts, cranes and other boomed vehicles of the danger of contact with a live power line, the result of which could cause injury, death or damage to equipment. The purpose of the Magnetic Safety Switch is to allow for audio or visual warning that the telescopic mast, to which it is fitted, has not been fully retracted, when fitted in a vehicle it can be used via a relay to interrupt the ignition circuit and prevent movement of the vehicle when the mast is not retracted.

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