NOCTURNA Ltd is a part of the Queens Award for Enterprise: International Award Winner 2016, IRNV Group based in York. UK. We specialise in innovative and cutting edge infrared night vision equipment.

We provide hardware and support to security, military and blue light industries worldwide with our range of night vision products, providing crystal clear low light imagery up to 500 meters away.

Our products are also used by government and civilian search and rescue organisations, increasing search capabilities at night, increasing successful early detection of people lost or injured in low visibility scenarios, ultimately saving lives and increasing survival rates in hostile environments. Even in a domestic setting, our hand-held products will help protect your home giving you the ability to see clearly in the dark of night or in the most enclosed spaces.

We unveiled our new handheld night vision range for 2016 at IFSEC Southeast Asia, continuing our commitment to support and react to an ever-changing global marketplace. Utilizing ground breaking IR technology, we offer the most comprehensive, affordable night vision solutions on the market today.

Our team invents, designs, develops, manufactures and delivers to the world market place from our UK base through an established global distribution network.

Utilising ground breaking IR technology, we offer the most comprehensive, affordable night vision solutions on the market today with our SENTINEL range.

The SENTINEL range of products provides a reasonable, realistic and risk commensurate solution to a broad spectrum of emergency services, industrial, commercial, domestic and community risks and threats.

The SENTINEL range includes SENTINEL ULTRA, PRO and SPOTTER ULTRA night vision equipment that provides the ability to:


Delivering identification across the range from 50m for domestic use to 100m to 500m with recording function for emergency services, security, safety, search and rescue, commercial, industrial and agricultural users.

SENTINEL products have the capability to operate efficiently and effectively in the most challenging and hostile environments and weather conditions experienced by emergency services, security, safety and search and rescue users.

SENTINEL recorded information is to the required standard, quality and legislative compliance required to support litigation and acceptance by the Courts.

SENTINEL night vision systems are designed for multi-functional use and can be applied effectively in covert operations and intelligence gathering or overt high profile applications to prevent and detect crime, provide reassurance and reduce the fear of crime. They offer advanced security and safety provision in the domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural settings.

They can be used to good effect in a proactive way and as an additional resource for those charged with working within the social, leisure or night time economy.

SENTINEL products are manufactured to the very highest standards of quality one would expect from a nationally recognised exporter. As well as being probably the most cost effective product in the night vision world they offer ease of operation and a straightforward manageable experience to the user. All of them carry a comprehensive guarantee which underpins the reliable, lightweight and durable construction.

SENTINEL accessories including, desk top docking stations for charging units, spare batteries, belts, belt pouches as well as the NOCTURNA 3500 Security torch with 100,000 bulb life and 180 minutes’ battery life from a single charge.

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