Kinesense Ltd

Kinesense Ltd develops time saving video evidence management solutions for the law enforcement and security market. Its software based products include CCTV retrieval, search and reporting solutions.

Specialising in cutting edge visual technology which enables the automatic detection of events in video, Kinesense’s solutions can help eliminate the time to watch and sift through hours of video for key events. The result is enormous savings in time and money during CCTV video investigations.

Four reasons your CCTV evidence costs more than it needs to:

Trying to get different formats into a viewable format
Transferring and sharing video across the organization
Manually searching and sifting through footage to find key events
Preparing intelligence, court, and disclosure reports
Combining Kinsense‘s powerful search technology with an easy to use reporting and import functionality, Law enforcement agencies now have the tools for actionable intelligence faster.
Key features
Managing video formats
Getting video into a viewable format for investigators
Automated event detection and analysis
Video search filters by area of scene, colour and direction of movement
Professional intelligence & evidence report making features
Full Audit Trail from capture to court
Automated disclosure reporting
Video investigation management

Key Benefits
95% time savings
Evidential integrity
Enabling better utilisation of staff time
Actionable intelligence faster
Conforms to ISO 17025 accreditation process

Used by over 50 Law enforcement agencies including Technical Support Units, Major Investigation, Serious Crime Units, Counter Terrorism, Surveillance Teams and Security Services

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(US): +1 (703) 879 5904

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