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Counter terrorism programs have been developed and designed to specifically prevent or stop foreign and domestic acts of terrorism aimed to create havoc or the loss of life to innocent civilians. The threat of terrorism has driven both the military and the government to respond by implementing specialized teams to defend and preserve civilian lives. These teams range from groups within the military, specialized HAZMAT teams, firefighters and police forces that are trained to respond, assess and eliminate any potential hazards.

In order for these teams to carry out their mission it is important for them to have the most up to date and advanced technology. Among their arsenal of tools is hand held assays commonly used for white powder and suspicious liquid incidents in order to rapidly identify the unknown and react according to standard operating procedures. The need for rapid test results is essential as time is minimal when making decisions in these critical situations and these decisions can be the matter of life or death. End users need to be armed with reliable precision tools that are easy to use and handle while wearing an assortment of personal protective equipment. These hand held assays need to be able to detect the top biothreat agents and the most prevalent explosive components in order to give presumptive results quickly and accurately. The effectiveness and timeliness of these tests are of upmost importance to combat the current threats faced by first responders and military members around the world.

BBI Detection is well aware of the need for rapid sampling assays and has dedicated over 25 years to developing and supplying innovative technology to assist the military, first responders and HAZMAT teams with the identification of biothreats and explosives. To help combat the threat of terrorism, BBI Detection has developed an “Integrated Multiplex Assay and Sampling System” – IMASS™, to sample and identify biothreats or explosives. The IMASS™ was specifically designed with simplistic functionality and a robust ergonomic design to give our end users the quickest and most reliable hand held assay and sampling system available. The IMASS™ is available in a Biothreat Detection format and an Explosive Detection Format.

The IMASS™ platform provides the ability to rapidly sample powders liquids or surfaces using the integrated sampling sponge, once the sampling has been completed and the device is run, the sample is transferred simultaneously to all of the integrated assay strips.

For Biothreat detection IMASS™, the test results from the 8 biothreat assays are obtained in 15 minutes and are easy to read even while wearing full personal protective equipment. BBI Detection has also ensured that the IMASS™ platform can be decontaminated after the sample has been collected to allow the device to be run later while outside of the hot zone. Furthermore, a sufficient amount of sample is retained within the sampling sponge to allow the device to be sent off to the lab for any confirmatory testing to be performed or to be stored as forensic evidence.

The IMASS™ provides the end users with a quick and simple device that can rapidly sample and identify eliminating time on target and allows end users to exit the hot zone as soon as possible. This key feature can eliminate any cross contamination or injury due to overexposure and help keep end users safe.

To identify the threat of explosives, the Explosive Detection IMASS™ is also configured to directly test sample surfaces, solids and liquids. This configuration also uses an integrated sponge and six test strips that run simultaneously from the single sample yielding visual results in two to three minutes. Currently the Explosive IMASS™ test for military grade explosives and multiple homemade explosive components.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our Biothreat and Explosive IMASS™ is the low burden of training. The steps for running both IMASS™ devices is the same which makes training simple and easy to retain.

BBI Detection is devoted to providing cutting edge tools and technologies that are reliable, safe and easy to use. End user feedback is the driving force behind our products because we understand the current threats faced by them daily. We strive to empower end users and keep the fight against threats, foreign or domestic, at bay.

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