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A leader in cyber security monitoring and anomaly detection, Huntsman Security software is deployed across high security and classified environments around the world. Huntsman Security software protects military, national security, police, government and MSSP organisations by providing real-time analysis and alerting on security incidents.

Our technology enables customers to detect advanced cyber threats, malicious activity and anomalous behaviour that would otherwise lead to compromise, loss and embarrassment.

Whether you require Information Security Management System (ISMS) monitoring, have a data protection breach notification challenge (e.g. EU GDPR) or need to meet a compliance standard (e.g. ISO27001, GPG13, PCI-DSS etc.) Huntsman Security provides a proven solution.

If you’d like to see how your existing approach to cyber security compares against our recommendations , why not use our free 5 Step Cyber Security Benchmark Tool: download here

The Huntsman Security Cyber Security Platform

The Huntsman Security software suite is a modular platform delivering comprehensive security analytics and compliance with automation built into the threat detection, verification and response workflows.

Combining real-time correlation, machine learning and threat intelligence, Huntsman Security software optimises the detection-resolution window to reduce the time at risk to seconds, critical for data protection breach notification and security incident response.

Managing Data Protection Breach Notification

Huntsman Security’s technology has been designed for organisations holding sensitive and personal data where real-time alerting and rapid understanding is an essential part of the security operations process.

As new regulations emerge (e.g. EU GDPR) and existing compliance standards evolve, Huntsman Security software users monitor and visualise information risks in real-time.

This is essential where formal data protection breach notification is a time-limited process including GDPR with its 72-hour deadline and PSD2 that demands a response and report within 4 hours of detection.

Huntsman Security software comes with hundreds of out-of-the-box alerts and queries/reports covering compliance standards (GPG13, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, FISMA etc.), security operations, user behaviour, trending and network security.

This is complemented by dashboards covering the security alerts, incident handling workflows and events that really matter to technical and managerial stakeholders in security, compliance and data protection.

Huntsman Security Educational Insights

To stay one step ahead of the most pressing cyber security issues and emerging threat and regulatory landscape, visit the Huntsman Cyber Security Academy today

Monitoring is critical to a successful ISMS

Within any organisation, an effective ISMS necessitates comprehensive coverage of people, processes, technologies and the assets that they use.

The importance of this is covered in our Security Analytics and Automation white paper which you can download here

Stakeholders benefit from the ability to monitor threats in real-time checking that controls are operating as intended and raising alerts when exceptions require attention as a result of breaches of policy, insider attacks or in response to a cyber threat.

Huntsman Security software detects threats, provides context and ensures that the triage, diagnosis and understanding of alerts is undertaken in a consistent and highly optimised way.

Why not download our free 5 Step Cyber Security Tool to discreetly benchmark your current strategy: download here

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