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Hiddentec are designers and manufacturers of specialist GSM/RF GPS tracking equipment. With nearly two decades of experience in the GPS tracking industry, Hiddentec are proud to be considered experts in the field. With offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and the Middle East, and with equipment in use in over fifty countries; Hiddentec have a truly global footprint.

Hiddentec’s clients are primarily those in Intelligence services, military and special forces, counter terror, police forces and government agencies. Our corporate clients include high-end Blue Chip corporations and household names.

One of the keys to the company’s success over the years has been the ability to provide extremely secure software platforms, and hardware with sophisticated power management features.

Chris Nyland, Marketing & Special Projects Director of the company says, “while I’d love to go into great detail, it’s difficult to outline specific success stories as client confidentiality is extremely important to us. This year sees the launch of a new range of cutting edge Hiddentec tracking devices aimed at providing suspect target location data. We will be at both the Security & Counter Terror Expo and Security & Policing, and look forward to seeing existing and, hopefully, new clients there.”

In addition to a new range of hardware offerings, Hiddentec’s software has recently been revamped to include a wide array of new features designed to improve and streamline users’ tracking experience, and provide additional layers of security to the system.

Hiddentec will be in attendance at Security & Counter Terror Expo (SCTX) 2019 in London on Stand F2 from March 5-6th 2019, and Security & Policing in Farnborough on Stand P8 from March 5-7th 2019.

For further information on Hiddentec and our products and services, please visit our website.

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