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At a time when threats of terrorism and criminal activity have become more imminent than ever, organisations around the world have been forced to take a deeper look at their site security, seeking new ways to eliminate risk without compromising on business operations. No industry has been greater affected by this shift towards security than the Government & Aviation industries.

Software firm, TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd, is uniquely positioned to meet this growing security requirement, offering a fully customisable, future-proof solution which puts your organisations business needs at the centre while safeguarding people, property and assets. For over 25 years TDS has been the preferred partner to a number of high-profile government buildings and airports, offering ever evolving security software and access to best-in-class hardware solutions.

A key security challenge faced by government and airport facilities includes the authentication and verification of employees, contractors and visitors. Through the integration with internal databases and utilising watch list technologies, TDS provides a safe and secure environment that allows the smooth movement of people. Award winning access control hardware seamlessly integrates to provide an unobtrusive solution for the management access rights around the facility.

A flexible solutions provider TDS offers both hosted and cloud-based database management.

The TDS Enterprise Management Suite offers a fully integrated approach to security management, with modules hand-picked to meet the client’s unique industry and organisation requirements. The implementation of the TDS Enterprise Management Suite allows customers to reduce long-term operational costs thanks to a streamlined approach to security management and operations. Modules available include;

TDS Access:
The cornerstone of the TDS Enterprise Management Suite, TDS Access is an innovative approach to access control on-site. This software solution offers a user-friendly approach to the creation of access rights for both employees and contractors. A browser based, drag and drop interface displays data in an easy to digest format while a centralised dashboard allows for access rights to be assigned or revoked at the touch of a button.

TDS Visitor:
An innovative approach to the processing and management of visitors on-site, TDS Visitors accurately accounts for third party individuals coming onto a site, offering visitors and employees a safe, secure environment. Quick registration and auto-alerts on check in streamline visitor processing, reducing administrative burden at front of house and assigned accountability for visitors to the host. By integrating with customer selected watch-lists and the creation of internal blacklists adds further security by alerting the security team to the potential risk.

TDS Life-Safety:
A fast paced, pro-active approach to emergency head-counting, TDS Life-Safety is concerned with accurately accounting for all personnel in the event of an emergency. Automated real-time missing list generation & printing optimises rescue planning while embracing legislative health & safety compliance requirements. Unlike other digital emergency management solutions, TDS Life-Safety will automatically detect an emergency trigger initiating the evacuation process. Emergency muster point lighting helps guide employees, contractors and visitors to the designated emergency points.

TDS Analytics:
Central to reducing risk is the ability to identify trends or patterns in behaviours which correspond to situations of increased risk. With standard reporting provided as standard across all modules, TDS Analytics builds upon existing reporting functionality developing easy to digest data reports based on pre-set customer rules. This user-friendly approach to data management allows for the rapid identification of patterns and trends.

The installation of badge printing technology at the client site or remotely managed at TDS offices in the UK & Ireland allows for a flexible approach to ID badge design and printing. The TDS ID module offers the convenience of encoding cards on demand while customisation of cards allows for the creation of easily identifiable ID badges which can be used to distinguish between employees, visitors and contractors.

Secure your facility with top-of-the-range surveillance system TDS CCTV. Offering the latest and best CCTV camera technology, real time data can be displayed in high resolution allowing the security team to survey and manage internal buildings, employee movements and perimeter vehicle access to the site.

TDS Vehicle:
From protecting government buildings to securing runways at leading airports around the world TDS Vehicle is a trusted under vehicle monitoring solution. Designed for monitoring vehicle and driver related activities, this system scans and inspects vehicles in addition to digitally recording the underside of vehicles.

Each module benefits from open architecture design allowing each to be installed as a standalone product, which can be integrated with both proprietary and leading security systems.

An agile knowledge-based solutions provider, TDS fosters a collaborative approach to system development throughout all stages of the solution life-cycle. While you speak, the TDS team listen ensuring the right solution is found to meet the ever-evolving security requirements of their client’s organisations.

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