Bladerunner Anti-slash Protection Clothing

Bladerunner has been producing anti-slash clothing for over 20 years. A full range of really cool streetwear comprising long and short sleeved t-shirts, hooded tops, zip-up sweaters, balaclavas, neck, arm, wrist and knee protection and much more. Our products are all lined with either Dupont Kevlar, Dyneema or Spectra and offer between level 2 and level 5 anti-cut protection (EN388: 2003).

In addition we have a range of anti-slash gloves all of which look like standard off the shelf gloves but are all lined with either Dupont Kevlar of Dyneema to protect the hands from a cut from any sharp object. Anti-slash gloves can be of particular use when confronted by someone with a knife.

The bulk of our range is designed to enable our customers to wear clothing that looks cool whilst offering some measure of protection. We do also offer anti-stab vests but these are always considerably thicker and less comfortable to wear. Anti-stab vests are specifically designed to offer protection for security personnel, under cover security officers and anyone who feels that may be going in to a potentially dangerous situation.

At we are always aware that often it is the younger members of society that are most at risk from a knife attack and we know from experience how difficult it can be to get them to wear anything that they do not consider to “Street cool”. This is why they are so accepting of a T-shirt, hooded top and scarf all of which are lined with Dupont Kevlar and Spectra and may just offer that extra bit of protection that can keep them safe.

All of our products are tested in the UK to standard EN388: 2003 by an authorised and recognised test house and reports are available for all of our products.
We supply Governmental departments both in the UK and in many overseas countries.

Bladerunner are constantly looking for new products to help keep our customers safe and we will shortly be offering totally covert stab-proof plates to be worn under your clothing which will be both comfortable and completely covert.

It is common knowledge that knife crime is of great concern in the UK and many other countries at present. Bladerunner are continuing in a quest to produce a range of products designed to help counter this threat.

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