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With the heightened threat of terrorist attack at many public buildings and other properties, JLC Group Limited has turned its considerable automation expertise and experience to the development of bespoke new security entry systems, including blast enhanced sliding doors, anti-walk back corridors and access control gates that allow ease of use and personnel safety without compromising safety and security.

As a specialist supplier and installer of automated systems, JLC Group works throughout the UK, providing and installing the highest quality automation equipment. The company is a preferred supplier to Gatwick Airport, contracted to service, maintain and repair all the airport’s automatic doors. In 2014 JLC Group was named Supplier of the Year to London Gatwick and received its EBITDA award for cost reduction initiatives in 2015.

Blast Enhanced Sliding Doors

To provide increased safety within vulnerable public areas, JLC Group has developed its own-design and manufactured blast enhanced sliding door systems. The competence tested and certified doors combine the convenience and functionality of fully automated, glazed sliding doors with blast resistance for optimum safety, meeting blast standard EXV 25.

The smart, safe and secure blast enhanced doors can be installed to improve protection at new build and existing premises. The system combines the key properties required for blast protection with aesthetically pleasing and spacious design of any entrance door system, allowing for high levels of blast safety whilst maintaining the appearance of the building entrance or facade.

In-line with the ever-growing international demand for blast mitigating products, the detailed and expert design meets the national standards in new and improved ways. The doors are
designed to be resistant to both intentional and accidental blasts, reducing the significant hazards of shattered glass and other debris that can pose a risk to life.

Combining enhanced robust sliding door operators with a highly reinforced aluminium door system, JLC Group’s design allows for maximum clear opening sizes beyond the capacity of other comparable systems. Additionally, the increased weight of the enhanced door system does not hamper the efficiency or reliability of the operator.

The JLC Group blast enhanced doors completely comply with and have been comprehensively tested to the ISO 16933:2007 EXV 25 standard, which provides a structured procedure to determine the blast resistance of glazing and sets forth the required apparatus, procedures, specimens, other requirements and guidelines for conducting arena blast tests.

With low energy requirements for operational efficiency, the sliding doors still meet BS EN 16005 standards relating to door safety. Automatic sensors instantly detect any obstruction to immediately stop and reverse the doors and meet DDA requirements.

Anti-Walk Back Systems

Anti-walk back security corridors allow one direction pedestrian entrance to or exit from a high security zone. JLC Group has partnered with Manusa, a market leader in the automatic door and gate industry, to become the company’s exclusive distributor in the UK. The Manusa Toran one-way corridors have been specially designed to meet the security needs of airports, seaports, rail terminals and public transport infrastructures in general, as well as other areas with similar requirements, including public building entrances.

The most important feature of the Toran system is the two interlocked doors that open automatically in the direction of traffic. In the event of any movement in the opposite direction, the alarm will activate and the automatic security door will close and lock, preventing unauthorised movement.

The Toran pedestrian direction detection system ensures complete user safety. It can be configured as a single or multiple corridor unit, allows local or remote control and incorporates low energy interior and exterior LED lighting.

Controlled Access

JLC Group also supplies and installs Express Gate controlled access systems, an access control that provides an adaptable solution for any secure access requirement, always giving priority to the safety of users and the protection of the premises.

Incorporating quality materials, the access control consists of an elegant gate unit which JLC Group can fully customise to the requirements of each project to ensure high reliability, quiet operation, low maintenance and efficient energy consumption.

The Modular system is ideal for both new buildings and refurbishments and is also available in widths suitable for disabled access. It can be integrated with any validation or identification system and adapted to existing security and access control systems.

By providing a complete system of detection elements, including an intuitive visual indication of the direction of access, the Express Gate guarantees pedestrian safety. It also incorporates a break-out system so that, in case of emergency, the doors will automatically open for ease of evacuation.

Investing in a secure, automated entrance solution from JLC Group Systems will help protect your people and premises. For further information about the company’s full range of automated systems, please contact us or visit our website.

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